Automatic Battery Charger - 1,5 to 12v

Automatic battery charger kicad

This is a automatic charger that can leave it permanently connected to a battery as it connects, automatically when the battery voltage has dropped and disconnected when the voltage reaches the charging status.

Power suply for the automatic charger

Power supply Automatic battery charger kicad

Livewire simulation

Livewire simulation Automatic battery charger

Printed circuit with Kicad.

Printed circuit automatic battery charger kicad

 ATTENTION! Missing in the printed circuit D7. R3 must be lifted and put into a series with R3 as shown in the picture below ---> Modification in automatic battery charger

Adjust - See in spanish
Automatic battery charger photo

Why EVO1 called?

Due to an evolution of the automatic charger circuit that was previously here. We can compare the above circuit

That exceeds the previous circuit:

* It can load different types of batteries, only changing the value of R3 and changing one Zener diode D1 of particular value for each battery.
* In case of power failure (power cut ) and the battery is fully discharged when the voltage reset circuit immediately begins to charge the battery. The previous battery after having been reduced to a certain voltage could not operate the relay and therefore not loaded.
* The LEDs were positioned in such a way as to show if the relay is actually activated or not, certain conditions were previously fired two partially. Now always be on one of them, when the voltage is missing the two went out.


Components Automatic battery charger kicad

Printed Circuit

Printed circuit Automatic battery charger

3D Automatic charger

3D Automatic battery charger kicad

Video of automatic charger

Video Automatic battery charger

William G. Puentes

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